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Seattle brake fluid flush for Audi at WA

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When it comes to your car's safety, brakes are top the list of the systems that need monitoring. You can relax knowing that the certified technicians at German Car Specialists, Inc. are trained to ensure your braking system operates according to manufacturer's specifications .

German Car Specialists, Inc. have exclusively serviced German automobiles since 1979.

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Why Change Brake Fluid
Moisture gets into the fluid because brake fluid is hygroscopic, which is a magnetic attraction for Audi - Brake Fluid Flush | German Car Specialists moisture that it absorbs from the atmosphere. Moisture is absorbed through the brake master cylinder reservoir and permeable brake hoses. This moisture was not as big a deal in the past, but on ABS brake systems of today, the rust and other debris that accumulates in the fluid can do lots of internal damage, and can be very costly. Brake fluid contamination has become so much of a concern that major automotive manufacturers have added it to their required maintenance. A brake flush is recommended for 4 years. Failure to change your vehicle's brake fluid can result in very costly repairs, if you have ABS type brakes - component failure can run into the thousands.
In addition, brake fluid contaminated by moisture lower the boiling point of the fluid reaches to the point that your brakes could get hot enough to cause the brake fluid to boil. This causes vapor to form in the brake system. The vapor is compressible, causing the brake pedal to feel soft and / or not work at all.

Audi - Brake Fluid Flush | German Car Specialists How can you tell when you need to replace your brake fluid?
Inspection by our technicians is your safest bet, but even an untrained eye can look for the color of the
fluid. Remove the brake master cylinder cap and visually inspect the condition of the fluid. Brake fluid should be clear or a slight yellowish tint, so black or dark colored dirty fluid is a good indication that a flush is needed.You need to keep the moisture out of your brake system, as a properly maintained brake system will save you money!


A German Car Specialists Brake Fluid Flush Includes:

  • Check brake fluid for moisture and contamination
  • nspect Master cylinder and cap
  • Clean out dirt and old fluid from brake master cylinder reservoir.
  • Flush old fluid out of hydraulic system until clean.
  • Bleed system.
  • Refill with manufacturer recommended brake fluid
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