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In the following alphabetical listing you find most of the maintenance services and repairs that we provide for your Audi, BMW or Mercedes-Benz vehicle. In addition, your vehicle receives a thorough safety inspection, at no charge, every time you drop it off for service or repairs. While we tried to make this list as comprehensive as possible, please contact us if you have questions regarding your vehicle. We look forward to serving you.

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Aim Headlights


Alternator Repair & Replacement

Air Conditioning Repair

Air Suspension Repair

ABS Diagnosis & Repair

Automatic Transmission Service & Repair

Audi Repairs, Major & Minor

Audio System Repair

Automatic Climate Control System

Antennas & Antenna Masts

Antilock Brakes

Brake Service & Repair

Bearings Service & Repair

Ball Joints

Bushings & Updates (alternator, suspension, etc.)

Brake Lining Lamp Warning Repair Center


Bearing Replacement

Caliper Repairs

C.V. Joint Service & Repair

Cam Belt Replacement

Camshaft Repair/Replacement

Convertible Top Mechanism Repair

Computer Diagnosis

Computer Control Systems Repair

Clutch Replacement

Cooling System Service & Repair

Cylinder Head Service & Repair

Cooling Hose Replacement

Climate Control System

Control Arms

Cruise Control System



Diagnosis & Repair

Distributor Service

Driveaxle Service

Door Mechanism Repair

Disc Brake Repair

Door Lock Repair

Engine, Gasoline & Diesel Service & Repair

Electrical Diagnosis & Repair

Electronic Diagnosis & Repair

Electronic Ignition Diagnosis & Repair

Emission Control System Diagnosis & Repair

Exhaust System Repair

Electric Soft Top Repair

Electrical Harness Repair

Fan Repairs

Front Shock Absorber Replacement

Fuel Injection Diagnosis, Service & Repair

Fuel System Service

Fuel Pump Service

Front Suspension Repair

Foglamp Replacement

Freon System Service

Fuse Box Service

Front End Repair

Front Wheel Bearing Repair

Four Wheel Drive Repair


Heating System Diagnosis, Service & Repair

Half-Shaft Repair HCMSL Repair

Horn Repair

Heated Seat Repair

Hose Replacement

Harness Repair

Idle Control System Repair

Ignition System Diagnosis, Service & Repair

Ignition Switch Repair

Instrument Cluster Diagnosis & Repair

Intake Manifold Repair

Ignition Coil Diagnosis & Repair

Ignition Wire Replacement

Idler Arm Repair

Inspection Service

Lower Ball Joint Repair

Lower Control Arm Repair

Lubrication Service

Lighting Service & Repair

Lowering Suspension

Leveling Suspension Service

Lock Repair

Manual Transmission Service & Repair

MacPherson Strut Service

Master Cylinder, Brake & Clutch Repair

Mechanical Inspection Service & Repair

Mercedes – Benz Diagnosis, Service & Repair

Molding Replacement

Manual Soft Top Repair

Oil Change & Service

Oil Pan Resealing & Replacement

Oil Pump Replacement

Oil Seal Replacement

Oil Filter Replacement

On – Board Computer Diagnosis & Repair

Oil Cooler & Line Repair

Pre – Purchase Inspection

Power Steering Hose Replacement

Parking Brake Repair

Power Steering Service & Repair

Quality Service & Repair –> Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz

Radio Repair

Radiator Repair

Rear Axle Service & Repair

Rear Suspension Repair

Rear Main Seal Replacement

Rocker Arm & Shaft Replacement

Rear Wheel Bearing Service

Rubber Molding Replacement

Regulator Repair

Rear Window Repair

Relay Diagnosis & Repair

Starter Repair

Steering Service & Repair

Suspension Service & Modification

Soft Top Repair

Strut Service Suspension

Strut Replacement

Sunroof Repairs

Shock Absorber Replacement

Short Location & Repair

Self-Leaking Suspension Repair

Spring Replacement

Seat Repairs

Sensor Diagnosis & Repair

Steering Linkage Replacement



Timing Belt Replacement

Tire Replacement & Upgrades

Trunk Lock Repairs

Timing Adjustment

Tune – Ups

Throttle Service & Repair

Thermostat Replacement

Timing Chain Replacement

Transaxle Repair

Transmission Repair

Transfer Case Repair

Turbocharger Service

Turn Signal Repair

U– Joint Service

Valve Adjustments

Valve Jobs

Valve Replacement

Voltage Regulator Diagnosis & Repair

Vent System Repair

Vehicle Inspection

Vibration Diagnosis & Repair

Waterpump Replacement

Wheel Bearing Service

Wheel Cylinder Service

Windshield Wiper Repair

Windshield Washer Repair

Wheel Balancing

Water Leak Repair

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