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  • Keep Your Car in Shape

    Fixing a car that is noticeably out of tune can improve gas mileage by about 4%-repairing a faulty oxygen sensor can improve fuel economy by as much as 40%!

    Replacing a clogged air filter can improve gas mileage by as much as 10% (and protect your engine).

    Keeping your tires inflated to the recommended pressure and using the recommended grade of motor oil can save as much as 3-5¢/gallon. The manufacturer’s recommended tire pressure can be found on the tire information placard and/or vehicle certification label located on the vehicle door edge, doorpost, or glove-box door, or inside the trunk lid.

  • Plan and Combine Trips

    A warmed-up engine is more fuel efficient than a cold one. Many short trips taken from a cold start can use twice as much fuel as one multipurpose trip covering the same distance when the engine is warmed up and efficient. Trip planning not only saves fuel, but also reduces wear and tear on your car.

  • Drive More Efficiently

    Aggressive driving (speeding and rapid acceleration and braking) can lower your gas mileage by as much as 33% at highway speeds and 5% around town (costing you as much as 49¢/gallon!).

    Observe the speed limit-each 5 miles per hour (mph) you drive over 60 mph is like paying an additional 10¢/ gallon.

    “Avoid idling-idling gets 0 miles per gallon.”

    For more gas saving tips visit the EPA Fuel Economy Web Site.

    • 2005 Fuel Consumption Guide (PDF, 3 MB)
    • 2005 Fuel Economy Guide (PDF)
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