Very professional. Job well done!!!!!

5 German Car Specialists 2/15/2017

I want to thank you guys for taking care of my car needs. A wealth of knowledge and friendly dealership. I would recommend your service to all. Thanks, Larry Brewer

5 German Car Specialists 2/11/2017

Tremendous! You also provide a wash and wax. Simply the best service money can buy.

5 German Car Specialists 2/10/2017

The next time my BMW has issues I will take it back here to German Auto. The guys are great people and really make an extra effort to make sure their customors are happy. Not only did they fix my car, they had it cleaned and waxed. I also got a free mocha and they filled up my gas tank. So great! Thanks guys.

5 German Car Specialists 2/10/2017

Nice working with them -- great people

5 German Car Specialists 2/10/2017

I was very impressed with German Car Specialists. This was my first time as their customer and they met my expectations for service but more importantly it was how they took the time to explain in detail what they found with my car. This left me knowing that my car was getting the attention that I had hoped for. I have found the shop for my BMW!

5 German Car Specialists 2/9/2017

I appreciated the consistent and detailed communication. I received a call the morning after I dropped off the car. They explained the process and timing. When I received the call about the service that was due, brake situation, etc, the explanation of what was needed, cost and timing was very thorough. The work was done sooner than estimated. Someone from the shop picked me up to get to the shop. The car is running noticeably smoother.

5 German Car Specialists 2/8/2017

It was a great service I was so happy that I could get my car fix fast! And I know now that I'm coming back to this place, awesome place so far

5 German Car Specialists 2/3/2017

Greatly appreciated the thoroughness with which you reviewed the car. And, most of all, so grateful that all of its challenges were repaired/fixed. After my experiences driving across country and visiting BMW dealerships in every major city, I had many opportunities to observe expertise. When I was back in Seattle, took me awhile to find a repair place with whom I could feel comfortable that they really understood BMWs. Glad I found you!

5 German Car Specialists 1/31/2017

Shuttle service was much appreciated. Solid communication about what my car needed, and it was washed and waxed as well. I'm a multiple car customer and have never had any bad experiences.

5 German Car Specialists 1/29/2017