Exceptional service as always! The whole staff is professional, courteous and friendly, and they do great work.

5 German Car Specialists 5/25/2017

Professional and personable

5 German Car Specialists 5/20/2017

Great service and very nice people including Brandon who provided the shuttle service to and from my home.

5 German Car Specialists 5/20/2017

Excellent service experience at German Car Specialists! Brought in a previous repair diagnosis from another European auto shop and Adam solved the issue for literally thousands less! The car was repaired in no time; then cleaned and waxed prior to pick up. Oh, and they'll take you where you need to go when you drop the car off as well. Thanks Adam!

5 German Car Specialists 5/12/2017

Great service! Affordable, on time, accountable, and it felt as if they treated my car as I would treat it with all the care in the world. Thank you!!

5 German Car Specialists 5/4/2017

Oil change was quick and shuttle service is great

5 German Car Specialists 5/4/2017

German Car Specialist did a great job repairing an intermittent problem with my BMW 328i, in fact they discovered a problem that BMW did not. Eric explained the diagnostics that were performed and what repairs were needed. I highly recommend German Car Specialists.

5 German Car Specialists 5/2/2017

Great service. Had both our Mercedes and our Audi in for oil service in the past month. Had used them last year a couple of times for work on our previous Mercedes (both oil and some mechanical services). Highly recommend based on our experiences. Stopped going to the new "Barrier" (old Barrier was just great). Hard to schedule at AutoNation especially if you need a loaner and they offer no shuttle service more that 5 miles from dealer....we live 8 miles away....never a problem with Barrier. Plan to use German Car Specialists for all but warranty work. AutoNation is no Barrier...guess we were spoiled. Glad we found a good alternative.

5 German Car Specialists 5/1/2017

Super friendly and very helpful! I would recommend them to anyone who has a BMW. :)

5 German Car Specialists 4/21/2017

Germany cars is the bestest. I love the dogs that are there sometimes. Also Adam is very nice

5 German Car Specialists 4/20/2017