On time and professional, thanks Adam!

5 German Car Specialists 9/15/2017

Great to work this. Great communication and service.

5 German Car Specialists 9/13/2017

Didn't run the paint meter, which I was not informed of until I asked. I thought for a full inspection paint analysis would be a part of the deal. Aside from that everything else was great.

4 German Car Specialists 9/9/2017

Personal, professional, timely and effective.

4.5 German Car Specialists 9/2/2017

Great value and thoroughness in service., exceeded expectations. Very personable staffing. More timely and prompt telephone and/ or email communication and responses can bring whole care experience to level 5 . Looking forward bringing other MB for regular service.

4 German Car Specialists 8/31/2017

I love the personal service provided by Eric and Adam. They know my car, and they are getting to know me. They provide knowledgeable, expert service, and take the time to explain exactly what's going on with my car.

5 German Car Specialists 8/29/2017

Knowledgeable mechanics, great work as usual. Very happy.

5 German Car Specialists 8/26/2017

German Car Specialists helped me out in a pinch. Providing me quick and detailed service.

5 German Car Specialists 8/25/2017

Great as usual! Helpfull and informative

5 German Car Specialists 8/24/2017

Great shop. Very clean and professional. Took care of exactly what I asked for in a reasonable and timely mannor. Will be back indefinitely.

5 German Car Specialists 8/24/2017