They worked on my Audi A5 2.0t 2012 an did a great job. I had my 55k service there. I will be back for more services when needed.

Jonathan L - 9/21/15,

UNDER NEW OWNERSHIP!!! Have used this shop for the past year to service my 2002 530i BMW and am a pleasantly happy customer. The service can sometimes be expensive but I believe you get what you pay for and have always felt good driving away after service. They will wash, wax, and vacuum cars after service and also provide a shuttle service if needed. My past service they even scrubbed my headlights back to basically new because they noticed they were foggy, great initiative. These guys runs a great shop and I plan to continue using their services. Thank you Adam, Eric, and Reggie

Chance B - 9/24/2015, Puyallup

Got several things done on my BMW 330i here.  They did a good job, and saved me a few bucks in the process.  I have been taking my car to get serviced at a competitor and decided to give these guys a try since it is closer to where I live and prices seemed better.  Loved the fact that they invited me to check the situation out myself by putting the car on the rack and hoisting it up so I could see the problem myself. That was cool.  Pretty happy with the service they provide. Good job.

Dana V - ,

Adam, the new owner, managed our issue with Midwestern honesty and rapport.  He has definitely earned our Mini Cooper business on the East Side. So glad to know we've got a mechanic shop we can trust.

Amy W - 8/24/15, Bellevue, WA

I cannot say enough positive things about the fine folks at German Car Specialists, a long-standing and highly reputable business in the Puget Sound region! Everything from my initial intake appointment some months ago to several follow-up visits was handled with great professionalism. Don't settle for anything but the best. . . . J.S.G.

Jonathan G - 8/5/15,

Friendly, courteous services at excellent price. I have taken my Mercedes in often and have never been disappointed. I'd definitely recommend them.

Roger R. - 7/16/15, Sammamish, Wa. Yelp

BMW brake repair

Carl diggens - 04/05/2015, Kirkland, Washington states

I came to German Car Specialists because with multiple problems to my 2008 Audi Q7. I had gone to a place locally where I live and they attempted to fix one of my problems twice and failed, fixing a pressure leak in my fuel line. Then when my MMI died I knew I had to find a better place and I was recommended by a friend to German Car Specialist. Tony and his team was able to find the leak - which appear to had been caused the summer prior when I ran over a screw driver on the freeway and it punctured my right wheel well and gave me a flat. Tony was able to fix a filter that was leaking in that corner and the car has been driving great and not throwing the error for that any more. Next was the project challenge the MMI on my car appeared to have died. Well that was only part of it and of course Audi has to make this part super complex and not resilient to spills (wasn't my spill; well maybe). Anyways he parted me out and brand new was pricey so Tony got me used parts. Of course on install it wasn't the right part cause my 2008 car was limited run before Audi changed those components and so of course they are hard to come by. So Tony deep dives and gets on the phone with Audi and sorts this out. Now they order a brand new part and there is only one in the US at NY. That part comes in gets replaced and it’s like - yeah just kidding I'm not the problem. One would think what do we do now is there hope. Tony and his team starts to break it all down into each component check zone - they get details from Audi as Audi was like that's not right. They figure out which zone are failing their return signals and causing the main MMI to shut down. Come to find out it’s the Siri Controller and the Controls Unit (the center console dials). Tony's crew gets those parts in and gets it installed and presto we have my MMI fully functioning again. Much Thanks Tony. You and your crew did excellent work. I will be coming back for this car and any other German vehicle I buy

Joshua (MS) - 4/4/2015,

Great service, extremely knowledgeable on Audi's and was able to fix our difficult problems. Thanks Tony.

Joshua W. - 4/4/2015, Yelp

Updated review Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Easy to make an appointment and they do not try to upsell you. Prices are reasonable and they are willing to work with you to get your issues resolved.

Michael M - 3/4/2015,

I used to take my Mercedes C class AMG, to the dealership for everything, but then I found German Car Specialists and have never gone back. The Dealership told me I needed to replace my transmission module which costs the same as replacing the whole tranny. So I found "GCS" and they just replaced a missing transmission fluid plug and it's been running better and that was 40K miles ago! Not only is it way more affordable, but you get the same excellent treatment, honest assessments and they make it so easy! I am a Mercedes Driver for life, and now I'm a German Car Specialists customer for life!

Eric H - 2/3/2015, Google Plus

I took my BWM 335i coupe for oil change. I was very happy with the service and the car's running well. They gave me my regular change, checked all the fluids. The light replacement, they did give me information about all the "regular" maintenance but at no time did I feel pressured to take it. They also gave me information about how to get the best deal for my car's maintenance (upcoming sales, coupons, etc.). I'll definitely go back.

Mark C - 11/23/14 , Yelp

I needed a headlight bulb replaced and decided to give these guys a chance. They were able to do it while I waited and the guy was quite friendly. If I ever need a bigger repair I'll be sure to come back here.

Tim - 8/27/2014, Bellevue, WA

I've been a customer of GCS for nine years. I started when my dealer warrantee. Ran out. These guys know me by name. They charge a whole lot less than dealer service. They are fair, knowledgeable, friendly and on time. I've had regular services and repairs from them. No complaints. My 13 year old Audi runs and looks like brand new!

Harris J. - 8/22/2014,

These guys are the best. I never like having to take my car in for service, but these guys always turn it into a good experience. Dan provides excellent communication in letting me know what to expect and options in repairs. He is a mechanic that I trust with two of our cars. Previously, our cars were serviced by both Barrier then Phil Smart. The service and communication that we get at GCS is much better at a lower price. I highly recommend Dan and his team!

Stephanie K. - 8/5/2014,

Better than any dealer in Puget sound. Somebody I can trust my bmw to anyway. Thanks

Blair S. - 8/1/2014,

I have an admitted classic 5 series BMW. It takes a bit to get parts sourced; my car is old enough to need TLC. Recently I had major work done. I was extremely happy with the result. I have had my car long enough to be able to compare it to the Eastside Dealer shop, other BMW specialists and German/BMW repair shops in Minneapolis and Cincinnati. Worth a visit and discussion, for sure. You will be taken care of properly at a fair price.

Citysearch - 8/2014, thegrtoz

I was referred to German Car specialist from a friend who had used them before and had a good experience. I had a great experience with them, here's why: 1. I called ahead of time (Dan) and shopped around. They gave me a reasonable and one of the lower price quotes (not cheapest but trust me, you don't want to go with the very cheapest). 2. I showed up early 7:30 and they were opened. 3. Got a free ride to and from the garage. And no I don't work close (Microsoft). 4. I got a coupon from Jing Jing grocery’s and saved myself a bundle on parts! (it's the grocery in front of their shop). Get it before they change their minds. Anyways. Had a great first experience and look forward to coming back with my other cars in the future. Car: BMW 750i F01 Work Done: Brake/Rotors/Sensors and Oil Change Service

Sherman D. - 7/2014, Newcastle, WA, BMW 750i F01

I have used German Car Specialists on several occasions. Most recently I noticed a leak from under the engine compartment. I called and spoke with Dan, who got me in at the last minute. He kept me informed of the problem and I had my car the next morning. I like the personal service I receive.

John - 4/2014, Yelp

I'm the new owner of a 2007 BMW 335i... bought it over at BMW of Bellevue. The prior owner took very good care of it, and I plan to do the same. So when 3 days after I bought the car one of the tail lights went out, who was my first call? BMW of Bellevue, of course. They happily made me an appointment, quoting me $125 (to start...) to replace the bulb. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! So over the weekend before my Monday morning appointment my brilliant wife suggested I call "that German car place on Factoria". BRILLIANT INDEED!!! I called at 7:35am on Monday morning, and was told to come right on over. Dan Kauffman, the Service Advisor, happily changed the bulb - no appointment necessary. It took him all of about 10 minutes (though he apologized for the wait), and then he wished me a fine day! When I offered to at least pay for the bulb, he said, and I quote, "Nope - no charge. Just come back for your next oil change." And he said it with a smile (though admittedly he was smiling the entire time; that must just be how he is...) And, yes, he even showed me how to do it myself should I ever need to. Now THAT'S CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! Dan - you just earned German Car Specialists a customer.

Cory - 3/2014, BMW 335i

A few weeks ago a low coolant warning popped up on my ML 350. I just happen to work in an office building right next to German Car Specialists so I gave them a call. They told me to just stop in and they topped off my coolant for NO CHARGE!!! Yesterday while on the way in to work a rear brake light warning came on so....I called them up again....Dan said to just stop in with it and they would gladly take a look. Cost to repair...$3.27...the price of the bulb. I have no doubt that if I had taken it to the dealer there would have been exorbitant labor charges for these things. I definitely plan to bring my car here for the next scheduled service. I would bring the car back here from Seattle even if I didn't happen to work next door. Thanks for the great service!!!

Brian - 3/2014, Google, Mercedes ML350

First visit to German Car Specialists. I found the team to be professional, courteous and prompt. After having our Audi A4 mis-diagnosed by two other mechanics (dealer and independent), it was nice that they could find the issue. Having a shuttle service was also a +. I will defiantly return!

David G - 12/3/2013, Yelp, Audi A4

My first time was amazing! I am actually looking forward to taking my car back there for its next oil change, which is coming up soon! I'm happy that I found a place that can take of my car so well, since I am not exactly a car person and I would love to have my Mini Cooper around for a long time! Thank you!

Chelsea H - , Google, Mini Cooper

Excellent service, friendly staff and, of course, competitive pricing. The owner, Tony was very amiable and told me the long history of the company while I waited for a drive to work by one of his employees. I look forwards to going there again for my future German car service needs.

Derek C - Nov 2013,

Dan, thank you for your team's work on my car. It is hard when you have to put a price on work performed as to how happy I am with the result. Of course would love to have cost be less but I will say I am very, very happy with the car and the fixes that your guys did. It does seem to run better but most of all, I have some piece of mind knowing you went thru it and we did what was needed immediately. I know more is to come but at least it is solid right now. Again, I know they get paid for what they do but please thank them for me as it pertains to my car and that work. Thanks again Dan, I am sure I will see you again.

Brian N - Nov 2013,

I have an '06 Audi A3 and have always had it serviced at the dealer...til now. My car was ready for the 75K service...the dealer was tied up and couldn't get me in for a couple of weeks. I had always meant to look into German Auto Specialists but for whatever reason I'd just stayed with what was familiar. So I called. They could get me in the next day and the price was a bunch less! The result of my visit is that they are now my car's 'servicer' for the rest of its life! They're really nice people. They really know what they're doing. They have really good prices. That's a lot of 'reallys' but they deserve each one plus more. There's a relaxed atmosphere there too. The dealer has more of a frantic feeling and there is a sort of 'nervousness' about getting you to give them '5 stars' or 'fantastically outstanding' or whatever it is on the manufacturer's followup. I guess that's part of the price of being a franchise. So I was very impressed. They both do quality work but for me, from now on, I'll be a dedicated customer of the relaxed, professional, comfortably priced services of German Car Specialists. Besides, I want to see Tony's Army helmet again...that, by itself, is worth a visit.

John N - 10/2013, Audi A3 2006

German Car Specialists provides excellent, professional service at more than reasonable prices. Everyone that helped me explained the details of my car's diagnostic very clearly with no pressure. They were fast and thorough, stayed in contact throughout the service, offered a free shuttle and washed my car. I could not be happier with the entire experience. Thank you!

Sayuu B. - 10/2013,

I took my Audi for brake service. They did the work perfectly. In addition, they are very professional and courteous. They also have a very convenient shuttle service. I would go there again.

Sourav - 9/2013, Audi

After moving to the area recently, we bring both of our cars, a BMW and Mercedes, to German Car Specialists for service and repairs. They are usually able to get us in the same day or the next. The estimates are reasonable along with quality service. Keep up the good work!

Ruthanna W. - 9/2013, BMW and Mercedes

German Car Specialists has been caring for my BMW since before it was out of warranty. I have over 100,000 miles on it and it still runs like its brand new thanks to the guys at German Car Specialists. Whether it was the 100,000 mile service, a broken window motor or a sticking driver side door lock, they always do the job right the first time and get my car back to me quickly, at a fraction of what I would pay at the dealer! They have a customer for life!!

Ann - BMW, 7/22/2013

The price is excellent and the service is impeccable. They're straight forward and honest. What more can you want? I'm switching from my dealership to here for all my services now. I've had bad experiences with other auto shops and have sworn that the dealership was worth the cost, but these guys give you the same quality with more transparency at 1/4 the cost. I got 4 major repairs done for the cost of 1 at the dealership.

Jennah - 7/17/2013 ,

Tony sure knows German cars. He and his team will get things done for you. I cannot comment on the price/time because I am not used to non-dealer. I went in for a non-dealer headlight issue. This place sure has its own character.

Flora C. - 5/11/2013 , Seattle

I can always count on their knowledge and expertise. My 2000 E320 has its quirks but the diagnosis is usually right the first time at a fair price.

T E. - 5/6/2013, Bellevue, WA, Mercedes

Fast, friendly and very knowledgeable

Michael M. - 5/6/2013 , Bellevue, WA

I take my 1987 560SL for service here. Tony and team does great work. The car has never run better. Trust care for my car.

Trent W. - 5/6/2013, Bellevue, WA, Mercedes

I've been going to German Car Specialists for years.  Like other reviewers, I will say they are not necessarily the cheapest place for your repairs of your BMW, but I will say it's much more cost efficient than the dealership.  Tony and his crew are friendly, knowledgeable and do quality work. I've never found "THE PERFECT" repair shop...but this is pretty close!

Melissa - , Bellevue WA, BMW

I have a 2001 Audi allroad that I always had serviced at the dealer when is was under warranty. Now that my vehicle has been out of warranty for the past couple of years, I started taking it to German Car. Not only are they cheaper, but they have been able to diagnose and repair every strange issue that my German made car exhibits. They also are fast and friendly when giving me a ride to the bus station.

Eric V. - , Renton, WA, Audi

I have been bringing my Mercedes in to German Car Specialists for years now. I have never been disappointed, the work done well and the prices much better than the dealers.

Jon V. - , Kirkland, WA, Mercedes

My wife and I own A MB C230 Kompressor sport and recently moved to Bellevue, WA. After years of unhappy services with the dealership in the previous cities we had lived, we were very anxious on what to do. I discovered German Car Specialists and took a chance. I was very happy with Tony and his crew. The service was great, they diagnosis were spot on and most of all they did NOT try to sell me anything I did not need. I enjoyed the customer services and the shuttle service they offered me. HIGHLY RECOMEND.

Paul - ,

Love the Staff at GCS. Always friendly and make me feel comfortable with the service being done. Love that they have a shuttle service. ILast time I took my car in, they did a thorough check and didnt find any issues. Other places I have gone to always seem to find other things wrong and I feel like I am being nickled and dimed! Not this place.

Barbara B - ,

I recently had a poor experience with my BMW dealership so I opt'd to walk away from them and have my car serviced at German Car Specialists. I couldn't be more pleased. Not only did they provide excellent and quick service but they constantly kept me updated on what was going on as well as continuously checked on me while I was waiting. I absolutely love the shop and everyone that works there and highly recommend them to any and everyone I know!

Stephanie D. - July 16, 2012, BMW

I have been taking my BMW 7 series here for the past 5 years and couldn't be happier. These guys can troubleshoot with the best of them, make timely repairs and offer multiple solutions with competitive pricing

Greg R. - July 3, 2012, Mercer Island, WA, BMW 7 Series

Well, I had a 2004 Audi A4 a year ago, had oil sludge problem, they fixed it just right away. Even I waited there for 4 hours. It's worth to wait. After they repaired my car, the car runs smooth as hell. now I have a E46 with few cons that need to be fixed. I think they will do the great job, too. Also, I think the price is less than a dealership, and more professional from my point of view. Yelp:

Alex (Google Maps) - June, 2012, Audi A4, 2004

Enter Testimonial hereI am very pleased with German Car specialists. I take my Audi there and they are professional and thorough in their work. They are good at explaining what the problems are and the options for the fix. I've tried different shops and these guys are by far the most knowledgeable and fair in their pricing.

Kelly C. - May 14, 2012, Kirkland, WA, Audi

Expensive, but trustworthy. When I first moved to Seattle I needed to find a place to take my BMW. I know nothing about cars, so my dad helped me shop around before he headed back to the east coast and left me here on my own. He got a good feeling about these guys, and they still are happy to talk to him on the phone and explain what they are fixing when I stop in with problems. My biggest complaint is that they have so many customers, it sometimes takes all day for them to get to my car. The good news is that they have a pretty good pickup/drop-off service if you request it.

T.F.. - May 13, 2012, Seattle, WA, BMW

On advice of a friend with an Audi, I took a 2000 A4 for a pre-purchase inspection and was impressed at the thorough evaluation, balanced recommendations about what work needed to be done (and what did not), and the reasonable cost for this service. Some of the maintenance has been done already, and I've been happy with the service - the owner and his team clearly know their stuff. Years ago, when I had a Porsche, A friend steered me to a little shop specializing in Porsche repair - I found it to be way cheaper than the dealer and I liked the idea of the same knowledgeable specialist working on my car in a consistent way. German Car Specialists gives me the same sense of dependability. Recommend.

Alan P. - , Audi A4, 2000

Quality Service & Work. I took my1979 450 SL convertible to them when I had an unexpected problem. They resolved it quickly, identified a second issue that was an even more serious problem and fixed both on estimates. I'm returning for even more work as I'm most pleased with everything about them. If you have a German car old, new or in-between you should check them out, it’s worth it. Google Maps:

AllanV457 (CitySearch) - April 5, 2012, Mercedes Benz 450 SL convertible, 1979

I called German Car Specialists a month or two after the dealer quoted me $2300 for the 108k service (timing belt) and ~$2000 for a new catalytic converter on my 2003 Audi A4. Despite always doing regular oil changes and scheduled maintenance, I decided I was willing to wait just a little while longer given the cost. At this point, I had ~109000k miles on my car. I didn't leave a message but Tony still called me back on his day off. As usual, his rates were much better than the dealer but I told him I still might wait a few weeks - i.e. I had a busy schedule, blah, blah, blah. He explained to me the importance of the timing belt, what could happen if it snapped (total my engine) and how this service is now done at 75000k miles. Not realizing this prior, I made an appointment for that Monday and crossed my fingers I would make it there. On the way back to pick up my car, the shuttle driver said oh, you're the one everyone is referring to as the lucky car . Then Tony showed me a very large gap in the timing belt where eight or so teeth were missing and how it all works. And oh how lucky I was….I had no idea until that moment. By chance, if I had stopped/started my car and the stripped belt portion landed just so - bye-bye engine. A HUGE thanks to Tony (and his team) for saving my engine and my wallet! Without his pro-active follow up and extra care in explaining everything to me, I can confidently say my bill would have been three to four times higher than what I was trying to avoid. I will take my Audi to German Car Specialists from now on….no exceptions!

Jennifer (Google Maps) - , Audi A4, 2003

These guys are worth the money (cheaper than the dealer normally), quick service and - best of all. They have a shuttle service to get you where you need to go.

PrincessJea (CitySearch) - , Mercedes Benz 300, 2002

Last week I brought my car in be serviced. The team over at German Cars kept me informed, the prices were good (very nice considering the economy), and they were quick! Thanks again guys!

RRReed (CitySearch) - ,

I just moved to the Seattle area and was worried about finding somewhere reliable and trustworthy to take my 1994 BMW 525i for repairs. I saw an ad for German Car Specialists and decided to take a chance. I'm so glad I did it. Mack has been so helpful. He listens to me and clearly explains the necessary repair and the reason for the repair. Being a woman who knows nothing about auto repairs, this means the world to me. I also appreciate that everyone at German Car Specialist is courteous and professional.

Wongt (CitySearch) - , BMW 525i, 1994

One the challenging parts of owning a luxury is the cost of maintenance and repair once your dealer warranty is up. I went to German Car Specialist based on a suggestion from a friend and I've been there ever since. Tony, Mack, and the guys are thorough and not only do the fix your car at a reasonable price (far less than the dealer or other places I looked), they can also tell you things that you may want to think about and plan for down the line.

Newsome13 (CitySearch) - , Mercedes Benz E320, 2000

I have worked with German Car specialists on several occasions and have been very pleased with the work and their service Highly Recommend - Don't take your vehicle to a dealership and pay more. Pros: Did a great job, friendly informative service and on time

Paul 1000 (CitySearch) - ,

I took my BMW 325i 2004 to German Car Specialists to get an oil change after receiving their 10% off parts and labor coupon on my car. I was informed of future services that I will have to get and was very surprised to hear on how much lower their prices are than the dealers. I will be going back to GCS to get my next service done. Pros: Knowledgeable and Friendly Cons: Not open on the weekends

Seahawks425 at (CitySearch) - , BMW 325i, 2004

I have a BMW 325CI 2002. I kept on adding oil to the engine for two years. So i took my car to German Car Specialist in Factoria. They told me that to check out the oil consumption would cost between $65-85 to check out. So Mark the service advisor gave me a call in a couple hours and told me that i needed a crank case pressure regulating valve. I’ve had that issue for two years and after taking my car to the local dealer. Thanks to German Cars my car is fixed now! =) Pros: fast service and helpful Cons: shuttle only goes till 3 pm

Yomama01 (CitySearch) - , BMW 325CI, 2002

I took my 2002 Audi in for a check. They talked me into inspecting the timing belt. I reluctantly agreed as I had had that done a few months prior and was told it was okay. The owner then called me with an estimate to replace the timing belt & other parts. I was skeptical, didn't want to do all that. He invited me to come in and see my car and the old belt. I did. It was very cracked all around the inside and he explained everything to me, answering all my questions. I had the work done and I am so glad I did! If that belt had broken, my engine could have been destroyed! As a woman, I am so leery of car repair shops and being treated condescendingly. This experience was refreshing as I was treated courteously from setting up my appointment, shuttle ride, to the completion of the service. In addition, I checked around and the rate was much lower than others. Their Audi guy is very experienced as well. He took time to help explain things to me and was the one who insisted on getting the belt off so it could be inspected (damage missed by the other shop), very professional. Anyway, I recommend this shop to anyone! They know their stuff. Pros: Coveniently located for Eastside people, excellent service! Cons: Can't think of anything here...

Alpinelady (CitySearch) - , Audi

I took my 2001 530I BMW to German Car Specialists for a service and I was very satisfied with the customer service and the prices. I was even able to get a shuttle ride to and from work which was great. Before I went to German Car Specialists I called around for prices and they were by far the cheapest. They are going on there 30th year in service and I would recommend then to anyone that needs to get their BMW, Audi or Mercedes repaired. Thank you again for the 5 star customer service and being open past 5pm so I could pick up my vehicle.

Seahawks25 (CitySearch) - , BMW 530I, 2001

I love coming here! Great service and great care!

Customer - Nov 9, 2011,

Another good experience, as always excellent service (both for man and car).

Customer - Nov 9, 2011,

These guys are well worth the trip from Mercer Island, as always good customer service, quality car care and the prices are very good for the way things are.

GIGI - Oct 5, 2011,

Great care (as always) and thanks again for transmission work.

Adam - Oct 5, 2011,

Free shuttle, kept me informed, very cordial.

Jeannie - Oct 4, 2011,

Reasonably priced, very trustworthy, quality consistent work, 12 plus years running.

Ruth - Oct 4, 2011,

As always great service and care. My car broke down on the side of 405 and I had it hauled in. The team over at German Cars repaired it and got me back on the road in a matter of days.

Kira - Oct 4, 2011,

Always a great job, very honest and helpful. Thanks guys!

Lindsey M - Sep 28, 2011,

I brought my '98 Audi A4 in to Tony and the team of professionals at German Car Specialists with a coolant leak. The leak was due to a faulty water pump and an old reservoir tank. With my first visit, the team diagnosed and replaced the water pump. Upon realizing that I was still losing coolant, I brought the car back in and Tony gave me a great deal on the second fix to replace the reservoir tank. Although it took a couple weeks to get my car back into shape, I am confident that the job was done well and recommend German Car Specialists to those who want quality work done on their fine German imports.

Customer - Aug 30, 2011, Audi A4 1.8, 1998

New Customer Having moved to Bellevue over a year ago, I had some problems with my 2005 Audi A4. First was an oil change, where to go. Head light issue where to go. Ended up at the way. Next stop Redmond, not great. So recently when another issue arose I went to the web and found German Car specialists. Spoke to Tony, nice guy they fixed the small issue no charge, next day went in for a headlight replacement. Job completed in 30 minutes, charged me what he had quoted me. And bingo. I'm a new customer. Pro shop and honest.

James - Oct 13, 2010, Audi A4

Nothing but the best!!! I've been a customer for over 20+ years. Always honest , always reliable service, always genuine BMW parts. A cut above in safety for your car. Will let you know what you need NOW for sure and what you can wait on in a few thousand miles, good for the budget. Would go NO where else. Tony and Mac are the best!!

Wendy - Sep 1, 2010, BMW 325ci, 1998

Great service, great price I have taken my Mercedes CLK 320 to German Auto Specialists twice now. They are friendly, fast, and do a great job. They are much more reasonably priced than the dealership for work. They didn't gouge me or recommend unnecessary work and let me know about things that might need to be done in the future but did not need to happen right away. All in all a great experience.

Customer - Jul 9, 2010, Mercedes CLK 320

Amazing car place, period! I took my Audi there and was very happy. Customer service is top notch and they always seem to try to figure out how to save me money on parts & labor. They were very diligent about doing estimates up front which I really appreciated. Rates are decent and still way better then dealers, plus they have monthly coupons. I'll be taking my car there from now on.

Panda Style B. - , Seattle, WA, Audi, Yelp:

My extended warranty expired and took my Audi A4 to German Car for the first time last week. Customer service was great from the moment I called in to make my appointment. Kevin was good at explaining what my car needed done: regular service, other parts needing replacement, front brakes, and repair a noise my car had for a while. I paid $1600 for EVERYTHING while the dealer (Barrier in Bellevue) quoted me $1500 to repair only that noise!! $1600 is a lot of money but compared to dealer prices you save lots of money. Oh! Did I forget to say German Car also offers shuttle service? :) I am very pleased and will continue taking my car to them.

Gaby F. - , Kirkland, WA, Audi A4 2.8, 1999

I have been going to this repair shop for years. The owner, service advisor and staff are great to deal with. My bill is always much lower then it would be if I took it to the dealer. The same Audi mechanic has worked on my car for over ten years. They are celebrating 33 yrs and I think it's great that a small business can still be open in this economy.

Vikki Y. - , Redmond, WA, Audi

Took my Mercedes there recently and had a great experience. Their rates are lower than the dealer and they did all the work I needed in a very timely fashion. I would take my car there again.

Roger R. - , Sammamish, WA, Mercedes

Can't say enough here, I had problems at the dealers, they brought my car in (ended up being a water pump) worked on it and got it back on the road. Their prices were better than the dealers and they were nice enough (service manger seems a bit shy), and I had to wait for some other part, but still. I am very happy. I'll be back.

Re L. - , Bellevue, WA

They did decent work on my Audi's transmission. They were lower priced than the dealer and were nice enough. Took a little longer than initially stated though...

KL. - , Bellevue, WA, Audi

I like going here for my BMW, they are cheaper than the dealer, and they have a shuttle and in general are pleasant to work with. It can sometimes take them a bit longer to get the service work done then initially planned, but that's life.

TC. - , Renton, WA, BMW

My neighbor who sold me the car recommended this place to me over the more expensive dealer, and I have been happy with the choice. Even though the repairs have been expensive (attribute that to having a 12 year old Audi), the service has been friendly and professional each time. They have been thorough in explaining what needs to be done and why, the work is done when promised, and they even take 10% off parts and labor!

Karen P. - , Bellevue, WA, Audi

Always have a great experience. Best BMW guys in Bellevue.

Kristopher C. - , Bellevue, WA, BMW

I had a great experience. They towed my 3 series BMW after a belt came loose and had me back on the road within 24 hours.

KC. - , Bellevue, WA, BMW – 3 Series

As a business owner for 31 years, I know what it takes to keep a business going. It boils down to making the clients happy in the end. Tony and his crew there at German Car Specialists have been helping me for more than 10 years with my cars. Their pricing is effective-- not the cheapest in town, nor would you want them to be; you are getting best in class mechanics and the quality of work is excellent. That said, they are typically less than their competitors and do try and save the customer money when and if they can. Tony opened up in the 70's and to still be around is a testament to his customer-oriented/focused business. I will continue to take my (current) Mercedes to him for service. Also worth mentioning-- I've been in a couple of times for small things like a trunk motor malfunctioning and they have repaired the problem at no charge, unlike most others who would see the easy dollar, not the long-term well-being of the client and relationship.

Adam B. - , Seattle, WA, Mercedes

I've been a customer of GCS for about four years and I've had consistently good experiences there. Staff is knowledgeable and friendly, their service is thorough, and they provide a few "little things" (ride to the bus or office, a clean pleasant place to wait, etc.) I have a nice car and I want to keep it nice but I don't want to fund a dealer's overhead to be able to get the right expertise to take care of my car. GCS is a great solution.

John G. - , Mercer Island, WA, BMW 740IL, 2000

The staff at German Car Specialists were awesome. I called in for a Service Appointment for my Mercedes, and they were able to get me in for an appointment the following day. Also, when I called in I was able to speak to a mechanic about my vehicle, and he estimated a cost that was reasonable. When I got to my appointment, the staff was courteous and friendly. The mechanic who worked on my vehicle did not bill me additional charges without my approval first, and was able to explain to me in layman's terms what my vehicle needed and why. I will be going back again for future services, and I have recommended German Car Specialists to many of my friends!

Mona G. - , Bellevue, WA

Mac and the rest of the mechanics have always been so helpful and with some recent ordeals, even went out of their way to work off hours on my vehicle and found some parts that they 'donated' to my poor car. I've truly appreciated the work they have done, even going so far as to clean my poor baby even better than I had when I used to take it to the DEALERS... I will continue to take my car there as long as I live in the Seattle area.

Laura M. - , Seattle, WA

BEST SERVICE & COURTEOUS STAFF I just moved to the Seattle area and was worried about finding somewhere reliable and trustworthy to take my 1994 BMW 525i for repairs. I saw an ad for German Car Specialists and decided to take a chance. I'm so glad I did it. Mack has been so helpful. He listens to me and clearly explains the necessary repair and the reason for the repair. Being a woman who knows nothing about auto repairs, this means the world to me. I also appreciate that everyone at German Car Specialist is courteous and professional.

Tess W. - , Mercer Island, WA, BMW 525i, 1994

My warranty is ending within the next month or so, and I thought I'd get my 330i in to get a couple things fixed and get an all-over look at. Every employee I came in contact with was very professional and were fantastic to work with! They were very honest in their assessment on what was wrong with my car, and were reasonably priced as well. I have a new shop to take my car from now on! Thanks!

Brenda H. - , Auburn, WA, BMW 330i

GCS has taken care of my vintage Mercedes for four years now and always does a great job for me. They are courteous and polite, and knowledgeable as all get out... They are a must for my Mercedes.

Robert K. - , Mercer Island, WA, Mercedes 560SL, 1998

I have a 2003 C320 and had oil leaking and took it in a year ago and cost me about 15% less than the dealer. German Car Specialist is one of the few businesses that actually honor their one year warranty service to their customers. They fixed my oil leaking problem again last week without cost to me! Mac at the front desk has excellent customer service! The service was prompt and the complimentary shuttle service is good! They are also cheaper than the dealer and I will recommend them to my friends! Also, they offer 10% discount to Microsoft prime card holder.

Wendy L. - , Sammamish, WA, Mercedes C230, 2003

I just picked up my 1999 E320. This was the second time this year. Not because German Car Specialists didn't do the job the first time but because they worked with my budget and gave me recommendations about a logical order for several repairs. Amazing! I am thrilled, the budgets intact, the car's running well and I feel safe. I met GCS over 14 years ago when they fixed an air conditioning problem the local dealer couldn't handle.

SYLVIA B. - , Seattle, WA, Mercedes Benz E325, 1999

My 1990 Mercedes needed multiple things done but most pressing was a new radiator. I found the folks at German Auto to be professional, friendly and very competent and my car is now in much better shape. Additionally their relationship with Hertz car rental made it very easy and inexpensive for me to get a car to use while mine was being worked on. They are definitely my go to car repair from now on!

Pat A. - , Seattle, WA, Mercedes 300E, 1990

I took my Audi here for the first time a few months back to get my clutch replaced. Extreme quote differences compared to the dealership and another competitor. The price to get my clutch replaced at the dealership got me my clutch and front brakes replaced at German Car Specialists. Everyone I dealt with was pleasant... over the phone and in person... even the driver for the courtesy ride to work! I hate going to these places but will take my car here again...hopefully not anytime soon!

M B. - , Seattle, WA, Audi

I took my BMW in as it had major, chronic electrical problems. I wanted an independent shop as the dealer had estimated too much money just to diagnose it. Their BMW tech is an engineer and in just a couple of hours had it diagnosed and fixed. Being a woman, I really appreciated how I was treated. The service manager called me before the work started and explained everything in an easy to understand manner. My bimmer is running smooth, no more problems. I am going back and doing my regular maintenance there. They explained that if you do your maintenance all kinds of problems can be prevented.

Betsy R. - , Issaquah, WA, BMW

I took my Audi here to get the brakes done and they did a great job. The customer service and prices were great. I will be recommending that my friends and family bring their German cars here too. Thank you again for the awesome service.

Jill S. - , Kirkland, WA, Audi

I drive an Audi Quattro and after 2 years of bad luck with car repair shops, a friend referred me to German Car Specialists. I have been a customer of German Car Specialists for 14 years now. What I like the most is the same mechanic always works on my car. When I used a dealer shop or large repair shops, I was always talking to a different mechanic each time, and they never viewed the previous repair record or talked with the last repair guy. The mechanic at German Car Specialists knows my car in and out, can easily assess any issues I may be having. They always explain to me what and why certain repairs need to be done and call me with an estimate of parts and labor costs. The owner is very easy to talk with, answers all questions, professional and keeps an immaculate shop. The pricing is great and service is always excellent. They treat customers with respect and I highly recommend them!

Clara H. - , King, WA, Audi Quattro

I have a 05' X5 BMW and I was sick of paying dealer prices so my husband and I decided to shop around and came across German Car Specialists and I thought we would give them a try. (and glad we did!) I called and got an appointment the next day, and when I dropped off my car they were SO nice and gave me a ride back to Kirkland! The price was GREAT and service was EXCELLENT!! Thanks guys for a wonderful job!

Candice S. - , King, WA, BMW X5, 2005

Thanks German Cars for working on my water pump. Car runs great.

Guest G - October 06, 2011, BMW 325XI, 2004

This was one of my best visits, excellent Service and experience.

Pat Anconetani - , Seattle, WA, Mercedes 300SE, 1990

Very friendly and reliable service. Pleasure doing business here.

Ian Bauer - , BMW, Seattle, WA

Excellent service and experience. From today I will bring my car to German Car Specialists.

Joseph - , Redmond Renton, WA

Great customer service!! Have gone to other shops in the area but experienced far more honest and responsive service at German Car Specialists.

Brittany VanZandt - , Snoqualmie, WA, Mercedes