4.5 German Car Specialists 6/20/2017


5 German Car Specialists 6/15/2017

Very professional, with attention to accuracy and cleanliness. Easy personnel to relate to with an attitude of at your service. good work, Ron Calmelat

5 German Car Specialists 5/28/2017

Exceptional service as always! The whole staff is professional, courteous and friendly, and they do great work.

5 German Car Specialists 5/25/2017

Professional and personable

5 German Car Specialists 5/20/2017

Great service and very nice people including Brandon who provided the shuttle service to and from my home.

5 German Car Specialists 5/20/2017

Excellent service experience at German Car Specialists! Brought in a previous repair diagnosis from another European auto shop and Adam solved the issue for literally thousands less! The car was repaired in no time; then cleaned and waxed prior to pick up. Oh, and they'll take you where you need to go when you drop the car off as well. Thanks Adam!

5 German Car Specialists 5/12/2017

Great service! Affordable, on time, accountable, and it felt as if they treated my car as I would treat it with all the care in the world. Thank you!!

5 German Car Specialists 5/4/2017

Oil change was quick and shuttle service is great

5 German Car Specialists 5/4/2017

German Car Specialist did a great job repairing an intermittent problem with my BMW 328i, in fact they discovered a problem that BMW did not. Eric explained the diagnostics that were performed and what repairs were needed. I highly recommend German Car Specialists.

5 German Car Specialists 5/2/2017